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Writing is often considered to be a backbreaking and arduous task for most students. The academic world gives no room to the students to concentrate on the other fields of interests. Moreover, the pressure of meeting the deadline is horrendous. To escape the nightmarish situations, students usually seek the help of the professional writing services. These writing services are capable of drafting degree level contents in an all-inclusive manner which allows a student to be a step ahead of the others students in the class. There are a number of companies which promise you to provide with authentic pieces of writing. EduBirdie is one among the many which help the students to complete their essays in a hassle-free and simplified way. But is EduBirdie cheating? Can you trust them blindly? If these are the questions going on in your mind, then it’s time for you to have a look at their way of working which is stated below:
Is EduBirdie cheating?
What horrifies us the most when it comes to trusting an essay writing agency? Definitely, the thought that they will provide us with a plagiarised solution. Plagiarism is very common these days. Majority of the essay writing services offer you with plagiarised papers in exchange for a lump sum amount of money. Finally, when you submit your papers then either your grades drop to a maximum level or your mentor scolds you because of submitting a plagiarised essay paper. In any case, it’s a loss for you.
But when it comes to EduBirdie, you can be sure that they won’t offer you plagiarised papers. It may happen that their topics match with the topics of the other websites but you have to remember that there are a number of similar topics which are usually covered by several essay writing services on a day to day basis. Some topics are so close that their content matches with each other. And some are just poles apart. When a topic written by an EduBirdie writer matches with another writer of a different company it doesn’t mean that he/she has copied it.
Suppose your mentor has instructed you to write about the pros and cons of the internet, and the same topic has been provided by some other mentor to his student sitting at another corner of the world! Now if both the topic matches it is obvious that their contents will also match to some extent. And the new age technology has made it possible for you to get a hold of similar topics with just one click of the mouse.
The situation is more like you are given to write a description about an apple, so all those who are given to write about an apple will usually start by stating that it is a fruit and not a vegetable! If that is the scenario then you cannot actually say that it is plagiarised. So we can say that EduBirdie is not actually cheating and they are providing the students with one-hundred percent authentic writings! 
EduBirdie claims that they are the best and undoubtedly they are! So if you are ever stuck somewhere while writing and don’t know how to finish it, take aid from them. EduBirdie won’t disappoint you!

Is EduBirdie Cheating

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